1. Another one mentioned elsewhere; this time it's Thom Yorke.

  2. In honour of Julie Bindel finding out what "Delilah" is *really* about after someone pointed it out to her (it's about a man killing his wife/girlfriend after she had an affair; yeah, big surprise, isn't it?), here's an awesome live version by the people who introduced me to the song, the Leningrad Cowboys and the Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble.

    I saw a light on the night that I passed by her window ...

  3. I'm listening to a lot of early 70's Faces at the moment.

    As it says on the clip, here's Sir Rodlington of Stewart and the boys tearing the arse out of McCartney's Maybe I'm amazed

    Bloody great it is too. I've always said that if I had the choice to be in any band in musical history I would have been in the Faces.

    They were the kind of band who would gatecrash your party, drink all your beer, cop off with your girl and you would still think they were as sound as a pound.

  4. Stinkfist by Tool

    Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants

    Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots

    Possessed by Vegas