1. Blackalicious. I defy any Hip Hop haters to try some intelligent concious style flow, and see if it can't change your mind...

  2. Memphis Soul Stew- King Curtis

    King Curtis bangs out a bassline so funky he makes Bootsy Collins sound like Mark King of Level 42.

    Jackie Wilson- Light my fire

    Just.Listen.To.The.Breakbeat.On.That.Chorus and then chuck your talc on the floor of the Wigan Casino and get spinning.

    Stevie Wonder does Superstition live on Sesame Street

    arguably the tightest groove ever played on any kids TV show outside of Derek Griffiths and Floella Benjamin's legendary lost drum n bass set on Play School.

    And check the kid having it large on the platform above. And yes that is Ray Parket Jr of Ghostbusters fame playing guitar.

  3. 1/ Inner City Blues -Marvin Gaye

    2/ Trouble Man-Marvin Gaye

    Both Old Skool but apt for out times as well.
    Apologies for no links but i,m crap at doing them.Both tunes can be easily accessed on YouTube.

  4. Another soulful tune for UTers who are in the mood for lurv!!

    'A Few More Kisses to Go'--Isaac Hayes.