02 July 2010

Strange love songs

Apologies to whomever it was who suggested that we do these "Songs about..." like they do on Cif from time to time -- I've forgotten who it was.  Anyway, I thought I'd do the first one about love songs that are strange in some way.  This theme is partially inspired by Julie Bindel's misunderstanding of the song Clair by Gilbert O'Sullivan and also because I love the song Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants.  If you're not familiar with it, it is a love song to a woman who is actually a figment of a man's imagination.  I also love Elvis Costello's Veronica, a love song for his grandmother.  Such a sweet boy, eh?

E-mail me suggestions for future themes at:  thewildhack AT gmail DOT com.


  1. My favourite Smiths song is 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', ten-ton trucks and all that, but I thought it wasn't quite strange enough, so I'm recommending a cover version of it called 'The Light 3000' by Schneider TM. It's quite glitchy and electronic, so most Smiths fans will probably think it's an unspeakable heresy, but I think it comes very close to the original...

    It's only a matter of time before it ends up in a car advert, sadly.

  2. Arsed that link up, so here it is...


  3. I can't believe I came onto this thread with the distinct goal of posting a link to There Is A Light That Will Never Go Out and SK has bloody beat me to it.

    That is the one of the best, strangest, most devoted and stalkerish love songs evah.

    I suppose my other favourite weird one (which I fell in love with when I first heard it on the car radio late at night, and that one guitar note in the bridge of the song actually made me pull over the car and listen to the rest of it...bizarre.) is Boys of Summer by Don Henley. Love it so much. Also very stalkerish.


    I'm a Bunny Boiler, aren't I? Go on! You can tell me straight!

  4. Boys of Summer stalkerish? Thought it was more nostalgic. But now that i really pay attention to it ... Yep, it is.

    But nothing's more stalkerish than Every breath You take

  5. If it's weird stalkerish songs you're after, you could a lot worse than this Alanis whatsit.....

  6. Gee, my weird love songs were all sweet weird. You people are all mental!


  7. Couple more stalker songs, one a bit raucous, the other mellower.