29 June 2010


Speedkermit suggested a site for music.  At first, I was afraid that it would seem like we were going nuts with the new blogs, but then I realised that YouTubing was too strong an Untrusted tradition to not have a music blog.  Leave a link or just leave a recommendation.  And again, feel free to suggest a category.


  1. Since I discovered Beirut's wonderful Gulag Orkestar being played in a pub, I've been using Shazam to identify interesting music I hear in the local. So far this has introduced me to Thom Yorke's solo stuff, the Cinematic Orchestra, Yann Tiersen, and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - all recommended to be checked out on Spotify at least. Maybe I'll try to find some YouTube examples and put them up in the appropriate categories.

  2. Loved Gulag Orkestar, pretty hard to imagine that kid was still in his teens when he wrote it (single-handedly).

    Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)

  3. I added it to World music, Annetan -- I'm thinking that the two are not dissimilar and will be low-traffic enough to share a page.